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    Thanks Eric.


    weston bruce


      thanks for the update. everything looks sweet. the only problem that I have come up with is when you are in a community group the "Reports" link on the left side is missing. ( the page that shows how many miles everyone has run in your group) is there a way to add that back to part of the group page? this is a pretty useful tool for a college group! thanks!

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        Thank you Eric, I am a huge fan of this log and I am looking forward to the upgraded version! Thanks for your hard work! j
          Hey Eric: It looks great... thanks! I've already figured out how to determine my yearly mileage totals with the new report tools. Awesome!
            Thank you for all you do - this has beeen an invaluable tool (and motivator) for me!
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              Thanks for all the hard work Eric!!Smile I was lucky to find this site when CR went commercial. Your labors are greatly appreciated!! Thanks Again!!!

                Very Cool Eric!! Love it! Big grin

                  Thanks Eric! The updates look great!

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                  My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

                    merci pour tous, définitivement le meilleur gestionnaire d'entrainement sur le net bonne année à toutes et à tous

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                      Eric it looks great! thanks for all the hard work!
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                        Thanks so much for all the hard work, this site is fabuluous Happy new year and may 2009 be the best ever.

                          Wow! WOW!! WOW!!! Eric, you are AMAZING! Thank you very much forthe hundreds (thousands?) of hours you have dedicated to making this THE BEST running (and XT) log on the planet. Love the latest additions. Happy New Year to you. rocks hard!
                            thank you!


                              Thank you Eric! We love your training log. As I programmed for 20+ years, I can definitely sympathize with you on your new release. You've done an excellent job as always and we'll be sure to send another donation your way. Thanks very much for all your hard work. Smile And, congratulations to you. Happy New Year. Cheers,



                                I love the updates. I just have one question for you: My training partners and I have a group set up that we use to view each other's training logs. There was a REPORTS selection that would allow us to view this info. Where did it go? Thanks a lot!