Course Average, Slowest, Fastest Pace (Read 818 times)

    Eric, Here is a suggestion: When you click on a course it lists each of your runs for that course and in the lower left hand corner there is a "Totals" section that lists entries, distance and duration. How about also showing the average pace, fastest pace and slowest pace for that run? I have found this very useful when using other programs in the past. I'd also move the "Totals" summary to the top of the page so that it is the first thing you see and so that you don't have to scroll down the page if there are numerous entries for the course. Tim
      Hi Tim, I thought about adding fastest/average/slowest pace, but didn't because it only makes sense if the runs are of the same type and distance. Once you throw in biking, swimming, and other pace related workouts, then it doesn't work too well anymore. A better solution (to me) would be to move that to a real reporting page, which is what I'm working on right now. Would you settle for that? If anyone has any thoughts in this area, I would love to hear it. For example, what kind of report would you like to generate? eric Smile
        Eric, But each course is the same distance. For example, I have a course named "Haile 6". It's six miles long. When I click on "courses" and choose Haile 6, I'd like to see the average/fastest/slowest pace for Haile 6 over the years that I have run it. Granted you can't account for different run types (easy vs. hard vs. tempo, etc.), but it would still be nice to see a pace history for each individual course. I've used this feature on other programs over the years and have learned one thing: I'm getting slower! At least I know how much slower though. Just my two cents. Tim
          Tim, I got it. You only want the summary info for runs on a specific course. I was a little confused because the page that displays runs for a specific course is also the same page that displays all other workouts. I suppose I can do a little hack to have it display only for runs of the same course for now. Eventually, I'll move that to a real reporting page, which is where it belongs. eric Smile