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    Am running my second marathon this weekend.  Cold snap is predicted and wind chills in the 20s are forecast.  I have done all the cold weather training that my N. Fla. location allows - a handful of runs in the 40s and one long run in the mid 30s.  I've got a good pair of Sugoi tights that wore well enough, and am good as far as hats and gloves are concerned.  I've got a goodwill hoodie I can chuck enroute, but I don't want to wear it the whole race.  So:


    - do these sleeves really work?


    - I'd wear shorts if it was a 5K in these temps, but in a longer run like this I need more - right?


    - any non-obvious cold weather gear that I should consider?




      1. I'm sure the sleeves work, but so do tube socks, and they are cheaper and more disposable. As does your sweatshirt.

      2. Temperature regulation always seems so personal. I wouldn't think I'd need more than for a 5k, but I might WANT more early on. I've seen velcro pants that you can buy at the expo, but CVS also carries the world's cheapest sweats (and which can be collected and donated if they do that at your race). In the 20s, I'd think I'd just wear my lightweight running tights for the entire distance.

      3. Windbreaker.

        Yes the sleeves work very well.


        Pay more attention to the actual temps and less to the wind chills for dressing. If they are high winds, say 12mph or higher then you may want to give a little more credence to the wind chill. Also consider that if your running in town you won't be experiencing all of the winds.

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          You should be fine with appropriate tights, hat, gloves.  With wind chills that low (assuming actual temps low 30s) I would opt for a long sleeved synthetic shirt.  Personally I would find a windbreaker too much bulk and resistance during portions running into the wind...if you are racing, I would think a long sleeved shirt....at worst a long sleeve with a short sleeve layered with it...should suffice.


          The problem with the marathon is as your fuel situation gets low in the latter third of the race, thermo-regulation can go to pot.  So be careful not to chuck layers you may want back on later.  I ended up severely hypothermic once doing that in a situation similar to what you describe...got myself down to short sleeves then hit several miles at the end into a cold wind, and my body has pretty much stopped producing heat.

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             I would think a long sleeved shirt....at worst a long sleeve with a short sleeve layered with it...should suffice.




            This is something I do a lot. Also a sleeve-less tech shirt under (or over) a long sleeve shirt that allows me to pull the sleeves up. 


            If I did a wind breaker it would be a vest type. I have one but I don't wear it often. After about 10 - 15 mins I find myself pulling down the zipper then the damn collar starts slapping me in the chin.

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              Resist the urge and don't over dress. Add 20F to the temp on race morning and dress for that.

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                I am having the same struggle for my half-marathon tomorrow. Was supposed to be low 40s and sunny (shorts and tshirt with gloves), but now it looking like 29 with a windchill of 16. I think that will be tights and a wind-resistent pullover.


                There was a good post on DC Rainmaker last week about dressing for runs in different temperatures. I typically dress a little lighter when racing.


                Good luck in your marathon Duke! Interesting that we both ran our sub-20 5k on the same day three weeks ago and then here we are racing the same weekend again.



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                  Headband to cover your ears and arm warmers.     Cheap trouser socks with the toes cut open, make great arm warmers and are easy to discard.


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                    I would consider the post race clothing as well.

                    If there is a bag drop, it may be more important than when temperatures are "normal".

                    A couple months ago, I did a half in 39* with wind and rain, and I was fine during the run.  In fact, I felt bad for the fans along the side of the rode that were there cheering on their loved ones.

                    However, at the end of the race, I went hypothermic, and had a 1 mile walk back to the car in the rain, wind, and cold.  A buddy of mine was smart enough to use the bag drop where he put in a sweater, gloves, t shirt, etc so that he could re-dress himself from the wet clothes.


                    (Cold is different than wet and cold, but you may want to also put serious consideration in the post race attire options).

                    Good luck!


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                      We've got it good in the southland!  I ran a half last weekend, it was around 50 and the sun just coming up when I started but in the 60's by the time I finished.  No big decisions about what to wear out here.  Cool

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                        Thanks everyone. Good luck Jaxn. I have a plan, I think it is good. I'm sure I'll find out tomorrow on my freezing marathon in sunny Florida.

                          Results:  It was truly cold, went with tights and a pair of long-sleeve tops, hat + gloves.  And two throwaway sweatshirts (the second really wasn't throwaway, but it had it coming).  Scary cold waiting for the gun, but good thereafter.  3:25, pr by half an hour.  


                          Spaniel, thanks for the tip about not throwing away too much.  Nearly tossed a long sleeve shirt at mile 13 because things felt so good, and it'd have hurt at the end.