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    Hey everyone,


    I'm fairly new to running and I'm at the point now where i care about how my pace mid race/run is.


    Is there a smart watch that no only will tell me my pace, but also has the ESPN app on it? I'm not a serious enough runner to just get a garmin. Has anyone had any experience with the apple watch or the samsung or another that I'm unaware of?


    Thank you in advance.


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      Use the runforth app on your smartphone.  You can get it from this website


        Thank you, I'm using strava on my phone now but i was running next to a guy who was able to tell me my expected finish time from his watch, i was blown away!


        I think i might bite the bullet and get a garmin and not worry about espn, deal with just having notification show on the watch.

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          No idea what espn is.


          All watches will tell you are pace. Some will do more. For example, there are some that will also do a race predictor thing or multisports. I have both the 910xt and the 35.

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            I have the Samsung Gear SIII.  I have no idea on the ESPN map, but as one watch to "do it all" it does pretty good.  The GPS drains the battery pretty quickly, but if you charge every day it's ok.  It's not as accurate as a Garmin watch but does an OK job.  Just turn off the ultra annoying voice "encouragements".  HR, pace, etc.  I have not played with the apps very much.  It was quite annoying to have to install a specific app to get a simple stopwatch.


            Apple Watch doesn't have GPS in the watch.  Samsung is much more functional away from the phone.


            I still wear a Garmin when I really care about accuracy.  But since I still remember the days of running with nothing more than a Timex Ironman and a guesstimate of pace and being happy, that's not all that often.

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              Apple Watch doesn't have GPS in the watch.  Samsung is much more functional away from the phone.




              As of 2nd iteration of Apple watch does have builtin GPS.  IIRC, you still need to train with iphone for awhile before you can use it on its own...



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                I've not heard of a watch that will do the things that a GPS watch like a Garmin will do plus things like streaming ESPN radio or podcasts. But that certainly doesn't mean some manufacturer out there hasn't developed one! I'd guess if it exists, it'll be pricey.


                I would say, based on a small sample size (i.e. me!), you may be better off getting a specific GPS watch for your running, and then also taking your phone along for the ESPN by using an armband. That way you aren't carrying the phone and you can change stations etc. as you go.

                For a watch, it all depends on what you want the watch to do, and your budget.


                For me, I wanted a watch I could use for a variety of activities in addition to running, which is my main activity. I got the Suunto Ambit3 Peak, and love it. I can add up to 10 (I think) sports into the watch and change them out if need be. Basics like running and cycling, but also sports like alpine skiing, snorkeling, or snowshoeing. It has GPS, but also a compass, barometer, and altimeter for hiking or camping, etc. Navigation for trails. So I had to spend a bit more for that, but I don't plan on buying another watch for a long time.

                I have a friend though, who only wanted something for running on roads, as that's basically all he does. He also isn't as interested in looking at data and splits, etc. as I am (I'm slow, but do enjoy looking at the data of my slowness!) He got the Garmin Forerunner 235 for a decent price (I want to say $140 all in from Jet.com). That model includes a wrist sensor for your heart rate, as opposed to a heart rate strap, FWIW. If you get the model w/o the HR sensor, it's a bit cheaper still.


                One good resource I used for research was YouTube. Lots of reviews on there for just about any GPS watch you're looking at. That really helped me.


                Good luck!

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                  When it comes run/bike/swim/tri-gear, no one beats DC Rainmaker.  Incredibly thorough, although his reviews do tend to get a little TLDR.  Still, this is the best spot for information on running watches.

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