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    Okay... Maybe I'm just over-reacting here. I got a memo from my manager that is to be put in my personnel/education file. It asks how I want to be recognized/rewarded. They put a list of options with a nominal $5 value, and asked us to rank 1-5 what we'd prefer as a "reward." Below, they asked us to indicate if we prefer public or private, written or verbal recognition. Okay - in theory this sounds like a good idea. This way everyone could get recognized and rewarded how they want. But something about this is bugging the CR@P out of me. I need to have a form in my HR file that says "please reward me with an 'edible treat' first, then a 'carwash discount', and then a 'thank you note?" And my manager needs to be told whether or not to recognize me in front of my peers? Granted, I work for a large company. But I feel a little insulted that my manager would give us these forms to fill out! Anyone else ever have this happen? Would anyone WANT their managers to do this? Am I just totally overreacting here?

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      Eh, sounds dumb (but it's a management idea, so that's a given), but I think you might be overreacting a little. Everybody has gotten so oversensitive lately and companies are scrambling to make sure that none of their employees ever get offended, and it's usually one squeaky wheel that drives all of these stupid policies implemented by management. It seems to me like the bigger the company is, the more "touchy feely" they try to be. I guess it's because they have deeper pockets and are more likely to be the targets of some kind of EEOC lawsuit. Pebs
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        Yes, I've had that happen to me before, too. I had a similar reaction... feeling insulted and demeaned in some way. "If you want to give me something, great; but don't ask me to tell you how you can inspire me to generate more revenue for this company." I left feeling a distinct change in my perception of my boss from someone I thought was competent to someone who was stupid enough to follow the advice of some HR dude who had written his 42nd "how to be an effective manager" book. By the way, she didn't accept my request for single malt scotch seriously. Wink
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          I think much of the paper work and bureaucracy come from the need to have a standard. We're so used to the idea that employees suing their employers on everything, that the companies need to protect themselves with a cocoon of policies. I agree that these forms are disingenuous at best. It's just another "perk" of working for a large company.
            Heh. Can I sue for writer's cramp from filling out paperwork? Thanks, guys. I'll take one more day to cool off and then fill out my nice little form and be a good employee again... Roll eyes Janell

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