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    Hey, I noticed today that my footpod on the same treadmill gives different speed for different shoes. Somehow, on the same threadmill set to same speed my Addidas Climacool are 15 sec/mile slower then Adizero PR. Asics 2130 are same as Adizero PR. Treadmill speed is closer to the speed displaying with Climacool. Any explanation?
      I have noticed inconsistencies with my Nike+ on the treadmill as well. I have only worn it twice but what I noticed was that the timer was off between my Nike+ and the treadmill. The distances travelled were approximately the same (with room for a margin of error) but I noticed that while I started them about 5 seconds apart, by the time I was done my Nike+ was about 15 seconds behind the treadmill timer which threw off my pace on the Nike+ (or maybe the treadmill was wrong).

        That's not unusual. The foot pod is most likely moving more/less (sliding side to side, up-down) in the different shoes or is angled differently in each shoe. I have the same problem with my S1 (Polar) foot pod. Brooks Trance 7's are also about 15 seconds / mile slower then my Asics.