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    Here is all I know:


    DW has had GI issues for about 15 years. She's gone to a gaggle of doctors, specialists and nutritionists, and nobody has a clue about what is causing her problems. So she has, over the years, tried to eliminate different foods from her diet to see if it helped. Most of the time, it didn't. But she's been eating gluten-free for almost 2 years, and has been symptom-free for that same time period.


    Late last year, I also switched to a gluten-free diet, only because it is easier for both of us to be eating the same foods. The difference I've noticed since then is that I rarely am as tired in the latter part of the day as I used to be most days. We, like Christirei, make sure that our diet is well-rounded, and includes a good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and we think we have our nutritional needs pretty well covered, despite staying away from gluten.


    So DW is eating gluten-free because it is making a real difference in her health, and I'm just being supportive (and trying to make meal time a little simpler). Both of us, to varying degrees, are feeling some benefits from being on this diet. We don't try to talk anyone else into going gluten-free. We just do what works for us. If it works for you, that's great. If you are healthy and have no interest in this diet, that's great too!



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      We don't try to talk anyone else into going gluten-free. We just do what works for us. If it works for you, that's great. If you are healthy and have no interest in this diet, that's great too!


      Amen to this.

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          I'm a fan of gluten.  I love homemade bread with lots of long gluten chains and lots of busy little yeasties.  I don't hate those who don't eat it.

           +1000000.  Just talking to my mother about which one of us will make the Kalach (homemade  Hungarian bread) for Easter.  Yum!!  

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              I started having muscle weakness and pain in late 2010.  I started off with the "basic" blood work.  I began to think it was my thyroid.  After LOTS of blood test, muscle biopsy, MRI's, EMG and many consults, I ended up at the Mayo Clinic.  All this time, I have had very minimal GI symptoms.  One of the MD's at Mayo mentioned sending Celiac panel with the blood work.  "OK, what do I care?"  Never thought twice about it.  I am now thinking I am going crazy, for REAL.  A week and a half later, I find out that I have Celiac.  One month later, gluten free, and I am back to running and actually feeling like myself for the first time in almost two years.  Funny thing is  I was having skin problems since college.  Now that I am gluten free, no more skin issues.  I think if I was not an athlete and an RN, it would have taken me much longer to come up with a diagnosis.  It cost me in the neighborhood of $10K to find out what a $100 blood test could tell me.  Look back at my training log if you want to see how it can affect your life.





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                I am now testing a gluten free diet because of years of "IBS" which over the past two years has significantly impacted my running and over the last 3 months escalated to episodes of being curled up in a ball within 1/2 hr of eating something with the common denominator of gluten - sick for 2-3 hours.  


                I went to MD - waiting for Celiac results - doubt it is that or I feel like I would have had problems long before now.  Regardless, I was THAT sick that I was willing to try anything ... so far (one week) I feel very good - belly/GI not one issue but other than fresh fruit, veggies, meat/fish, beans, and other grain products - any snacks or prepared foods 'gluten free' are just not budget friendly ... I just want to eat my two for a dollar pasta with sauce.  


                I know there are bigger problems & health issues but the thought of avoiding gluten for the rest of my life unless I want to deal with GI distress is making me so bummed out.  I like pizza - I'm sorry.  I like the texture, the chewiness.  I like chewy bagels.  And, YES, I like pastries ... I know they are not healthy but these are the treats I like once in a while.  And BEER - omg - LOVE ... yeah yeah - I know there are gluten free ones but bottom line: my options for treats has dwindled down to a drop in a bucket.


                OK - done whining.


                  I understand your difficulties going GF. I am sure I sound like a broken record here, but it does get better. I do miss things on some days, especially when a goody arrives in the office that I am not able to eat, but most of the time I have found substitutes or other things that make up for the void. I have been GF for 2.5 months and am pretty much in the groove with it now. What I find more difficult is also not being able to have soy and dairy. Those make for interesting challenges!

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                    My father was diagnosed with celiac in his 50s or 60s.  My wife had more or less the same symptoms when she was in her 30s; went GF-free and found immediate relief (and immediate distress when she inadvertently eats even a little gluten).


                    I can ask her for food choice resources.  She also lamented the loss of most treats and the taste/texture of much of the GF fare, but she says GF foods have gotten much better (i.e., more like their conventional counterparts) in the past few years.

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                      Kerry - yes: I am lactose intolerant too & it is def tougher ... i can do soy so at least i have that but a lot of the cookbooks etc end up leaning on dairy for flavor & texture so I am going to really have to suck it up i guess


                      And Clive - it is good to know and I am experiencing it now: that once you change the diet ... relief is pretty quick but now that i am starting to feel better, I was already dancing with the idea "well, maybe down the road I can have a little here and there" sounds like I will feel it if I do.


                      Thanks for support though.  Work in progress!


                        Well, everyone's different.  My dad can "cheat" a little and get away with it (milder symptoms, I guess).  My wife definitely cannot.  Not to encourage you to make yourself feel like crap (or do damage to your GI tract, should you get a positive diagnosis), but you could always experiment a little ...

                        "I want you to pray as if everything depends on it, but I want you to prepare yourself as if everything depends on you."

                        -- Dick LeBeau