Longest Run in my Longest Week (Read 659 times)


    I'm just back from my longest run (I suspect in my entire life) of just more than 6kms, in my first 20km week! 3 months ago, if I'd tried to run 6kms they'd have had to send me to A&E for my recovery lap... Big grin
      great job! Keep up the good work. Feels good, doesn't it?

      Slow and steady wins the race means a lot of fast people pass you.

        It feels fantastic - I'm officially hooked - I want to go back out again right now! Big grin

          Congratulations, bikerscott! You got that "yeaaaah, bay-beeee" afterglow of accomplishment, and rightfully so.
          ...I want to go back out again right now! Big grin
          Aaaaah, the SirenSong of many runners, especially those just starting out. It took me four years and a bunch of aches, pains, and injuries to figure out that everything,....EVERYTHING,......frequency, time, pace, distance.....has to be incremental. And I mean _small_ increments. Keep reading these forums, be a quick study, and you'll be able to enjoy running for a long time.