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    I currently run in two shoes.  Nike Air Pegasus 29 and the Brook PureFlow.  I find the PureFlow a brilliant shoe but for the traction.  They are not meant for winter and I live in Wisconsin.  I have a pair of Pegasus that I use a bit in the snow, but would like a lower profile shoe.  I don't need a true trail shoe because I don't live within 15 miles of a trail.  What I need is a low profile show, similar to the PureFlow, but with a little better outsole traction and ideally some mild pronation support.



      Merrell Mix Master 2 is your shoe.

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        I'm also interested in the Saucony Peregrin 2 or the Mirage 2.  Anyone have any input on either of these.  95% of my running is on the roads, but I don't think that should automatically disqualify a trail shoe.

          Loved the Mirage 1. Had a touch of stability.The 3 is out now. Not as much traction.

          Those who try, fail! Those who do what it takes to succeed, succeed!!


            I had been looking for a good lightweight winter running to use up here in Minnesota for a couple years and this winter i found the New Balance MT110 All-Weather minimus shoe and they are great.  They are basically a minimal shoe with a good traction sole with a built in gaiter.  Lightweight, less than 9 ounces,warm, dry, with really great traction in the snow.  Just what  I was looking for in a winter running shoe.

              I love my pure flows, too.  My other favorite pair is my Inov8 Roclite 295 trail shoes......minimalist and good aggressive tread. May want to look at Inov8 as an option...

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                Just got back from my local running store.  Told the guy what I wanted in a shoe and he suggested I try the Saucony Grid Virrata.  It's a zero drop shoe which will be a bit of an adjustment since even my pure flows are 4 mil.  It's not a trail shoe and he said all these lightweight shoes have the same issue with durability as I described my pureflows already having noticable changes with only 225 in them.  He suggested I would get 300 miles out of these shoes.  I'll get a couple of runs in these and see what happens.

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                    I'm not sure if anyone is reading this thread.  But if you are...


                    I did my first run this morning in the new shoes (Saucony Virrata).  Interals wth a warmup, then 5x1000 with 400m rest and then a cooldown.


                    First, the shoes are very light which everyone loves.  I really like the fit.  Tensioning the laces definitely made the shoe snug my foot in the right places.  Sometimes laces seem to squeeze, but the way these are made with support straps going down from every eye loop the shoe really fits comfortably.  I've been having very minor issues lately with arch support which could be signed of plantar issues, but nothing with these shoes.  It felt like there is a bit more arch support which could be the lace fit, or the outsole.


                    I worry a bit about the outsole since it's not the durable rubber I'm used to, but it is similar to my pureflows and those have been pretty good.  I think I like these Virratas more than the Flows, but there is often a honeymoon with new shoes.  My Thursday Tempo will be in these shoes, then Friday and Saturday easy days in my flows or Pegasus, but then my Sunday long run of 15 will be in the Saucony.  Hope they continue to wear well.  I should know Monday morning!


                      I run in Saucony Kinvara's and Cortana's. Love them both with the exception of the durability...Especially the cortana's, they are a $150 shoe but falling apart with only 300 miles on them. The Virrata will probably replace the Cortana's when I rotate those out.. Overall i'm very happy with both pairs, just wish I could get some more life out of them.

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                        I don't think zero drop footwear is the way to go, I'd recommend a lightweight trainer somewhere in between the Pure line and the Pegasus.    I really don't know anyone putting on semi-serious mileage (65mpw+) that can handle lots of training in "minimal" footwear... just too much stress.


                        Also, you're looking for something with slight pronation control... I think a shoe with a bit "more" to the midsole (8mm and up) will give you enough inherent stability.   I'd check out the Brooks Launch, Mizuno Wave Elixir...