Who else likes to vary up their running locations? (Read 127 times)


    For road running, I almost always run the roads around my house.  The route will vary depending on the desired distance and number of hills.  I don't think I would ever drive somewhere else just to run on different roads (unless I was meeting friends or wanted to preview a race course).


    For trails, I also run mostly from the trail head closest to my house and vary the route as needed to get the desired distance.  I'm more willing to drive a bit  for trails if I want a different elevation profile.  The closest trails, the longest climbs are maybe a mile or so.  If I drive 20-30 minutes I can get to trails with 4-5 mile climbs which I might want training for certain races.  I'll also drive to a trail for race preview purposes.


    I also do treadmill running.  I vary the treadmill at the gym (based on availability), but would never consider joining another gym just to use a different treadmill.


    For me the most important things is maximizing my training time.  I'd much rather run the same old loop for a little longer or do some strength training afterwards than drive somewhere and not have time to run as much or not have time for the strength workout.


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        I run by the riverside near my house, as I'm in a busy urban area. There are three bridges I can cross in a ten mile loop, so I try to take different routes on different days, but always in the same area. It gets a little boring, but the paths are very active early in the morning when I'm out so there's lots to look at. I like variety, but the riverside is a quick 1k away, and I'm not willing to travel much more than that to run most days. There are trails nearby, but they require some transport, so I just do those on weekends.


          75% of my routes start from home and I vary the direction and mileage depending on my goal-intervals, speed, long or easy,etc. I do meet with friends sometimes and then I drive but only a few miles. We vary our mileage as well. Sometimes it is worth getting in the car for the company of others-IMHO. The people I run with have given me advice-not only on running but in my personal life. I value them and have no issue driving to meet up. They have kept me focused and accountable. They make me move to keep up some days because very rarely I refuse to say they are going too fast or doing too many miles.