Track shoe use in hours (Read 52 times)


    Was just reading a review where the reviewer talked about number of hours on his shoes (instead of the usual miles).  I thought this was interesting.

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      My first thought is that an hours worth of intervals is a lot harder on shoes, than an hours worth of easy running.

      I'm also on Athlinks and Strava


        Second this request.  If the RA log is kept up that data is there for the taking, but hard to get to!  Wish we had more tools for accessing the massive amount of data stored on RA.  I personally have a excel spreadsheet to do this kind of thing but don't have a tool written to analyze shoe distance by hours.  Using RA's 'Reports' for one pair of my shoes I was able to get most of the hours.


        Adidas Adizero ADios Boost 4 (my current 'race' and 'fast' running shoe):


        Total hours:  40:53:39 (99 entries)


        Easy hours:  23:15:15 (52 entries)

        Race hours: 11:17:32  (25 entries)

        Interval hrs:    2:58:58  (7 entries)

        'Hill' hours:     1:11:20 (1 entry)

        Long hours:    1:20:17  (1 entry)