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    I love the updates. I just have one question for you: My training partners and I have a group set up that we use to view each other's training logs. There was a REPORTS selection that would allow us to view this info. Where did it go? Thanks a lot!
    I am having the same problem with all of the groups I am in...

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      Wonderful. Thanks Eric! Enjoy your well-earned vacation Cool

      who knows...

        Many thanks EricSmile, I certainly appreciate the work.
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          Just added my donation. Thanks for the great work, Eric. Love the site, and recommend it to all my friends!
            Very nice job, Eric! Your skills continue to amaze me.
              I LIKE it! Just entered my first run of the year (sprained my thigh, what the...) anyway - tears came to my eyes when I saw that you implemented one of my suggestions. And I almost started sobbing wih joy when I saw that you now can name your course simply by writing in the combo box. Thanks, Eric. My next act was to click on the Donate button (hey - the dollar is real cheap right now!). But what happened to PayPal? If we can still use that, how? Otherwise no sweat, I'll use Google Happy new year, Eric. I'll be sure to advertise RunningAhead here in DK
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                  Thank you sooo much Eric! It looks fantastic!!!

                  2010 results: Muskoka long course: 2km-55km-15km- 1st in age group (qualified for Ironman Canada), 4th female amateur overall; Smith Falls triathlon- first female overall; 5 km Canada Day running race- 20:42 (fourth female overall). My first pure running race! Quinte triathlon 1.5-40km-10km Second female overall; Ktown triathlon -first female overall (2km-55km-15km) Mt Forest triathlon (500-20km-5km) 1st female overall; Brockville triathlon (750-20-5km) 1st place female overall

                  2011 results: (Racing with Piriformis syndrome-ouch)  Sydenham Triathlon- 1st female overall; Peterborough Triathlon-4th female (out of 185)and 1st in age group.....

                    I just tried to add a run. I selected one of my routes, but it did not input my mileage and figure my pace. Anybody else experience this?

                      Hi Eric...thank you (from the bottom of my triathlete heart!). One question though, when i try to add an activity graph or modify the one that is on the screen...I get thrust into a black hole that freezes up the running ahead page and i have to kill the application to get it running again. I thought it was the firewall at work, but i just tried it from my home laptop and the exact same thing happes. Any clue what might be happening?
                        How can I get my totals just for 2008?
                        Masters 2000 miles
                          Super work, Eric. I really like the new look and feel.
                            When I go to log a run and choose a course that I have created the course distance isn't automatically loaded like it used to be. I liked the distance automatically showing up and not having to put it in manually, id there a way to fix this? Other than that slight bug, which may just be user error on my part I like the new look and feel and the customizable training log page

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                              awesome work eric!