Who all is here and what are you doing? (Read 16695 times)

Princess Cancer Pants

    You'll get there, Kris...I did. Running while raising an 8 month old, though...you have my MAJOR KUDOS!!! Big grin k

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      Thanks Kirsten, its definitely difficult, thankfully I have her daddy here to watch over her while I take time out for my run in the morning. Smile It was wonderful with the temp being 69F today.

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        Ok well i've been on here for a while and posted a few times but figured I'd actually introduce myself. My name is Katrina and I live in Durham, NC. I've only now been running regularly for the last few months. I played volleyball in college, got burned out and pretty much wanted nothing to do with "working out" for a couple years. I ran track in junior high and high school, typically the longer distances (800 and 1600 and relays) but also ran hurdles at times. 2 knee surgeries have set my times back a bit...not to mention age, a little extra weight, etc etc Wink I've always had a goal to run a marathon so that is at the top of my list of things to do in the next year. I would like to run the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati (my home town) next year but that is right when I'm getting married so I'll shoot for another one....any recommendations??
          I would like to run the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati (my home town) next year but that is right when I'm getting married so I'll shoot for another one....any recommendations??
          Recommendations? Yeah. Move the wedding. Big grin In fact, if you run the Las Vegas Marathon, you can get married at mile 6, and then keep going. Seriously. Roll eyes
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            I guess I'm the newest member... my name is Joel and I'm a grad student at the University of Rochester. My background is in triathlon-- I never ran, biked, or swam much before attempting my first race. I continued to train and race for 5 or so years with some success (usually placed in AG, cycling team in college, Richmond marathon 3:41, IM Lake Placid), but never concentrated much on one sport. After some time off last year I'm attempting to start focusing on running. I love the simplicity of just putting on shoes and running out the door. I'm presently trying to gain speed back again that I lost while concentrating on endurance and taking time off.
              Hey Poose, My son will be a senior at UR (physics) in the fall. He's on campus now working with the grounds crew for the summer and trying to get 4 or 5, 40 minute runs in each week. I am fairly new here myself. I started running the fall of '76 (just out of college) and have been running most of the years since. Just serious recreational stuff. I've got the usual closet full of 5 and 10K shirts and a couple of 20K's thrown in. Haven't done a race in probably a dozen years now as I never liked the racing scene and would rather run solo on the various routes I have around town. Although, the lure of a marathon is out there. DXed a diabetic 2 years ago so now I have some special challenges to deal with as I run. It just adds to the fun. - John

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                Hi, I'm Jeff - another over-30 runner, living in Raleigh, NC. I've been running off and on for about 8 years (it's helped me get through the hurdles of grad school!) and am coming off yet another layoff. It seems like everytime I complete a race, my recovery time turns into a layoff... grrr. The most recent came after the 'Cooper river bridge 10K' in April of this year. I completed one marathon (Disney 2003), and have a goal of running another before I hit 40. This website is very helpful. I hope it can help keep the motivation high, as well as keep the runs fresh and exciting. Cool
                  Hi, Jeffers! I live in Raleigh, too! I see you're doing "group" runs - did you join the Raleigh Roadrunner's Club?

                  Roads were made for journeys...

                    Hey, Wingz - no, I haven't joined the Roadrunner's club yet... I guess I have been a bit intimidated since I tend to be a slower runner. It has been on my to-do list for several months though! My 'group' runs are just a group of friends that go out for 2-4 mile runs on some days in Raleigh and Durham. We are all about the same level so it keeps it friendly and supportive. We generally run on the American Tobacco Trail, although we just discovered the Reedy Creek trail out by the art museum. We are constantly looking for new places to run... any suggestions?
                      Jeffers, How ironic...you run the American TOBACCO Trail. John

                      Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end. (RF)

                        Yeah... and next week we're running the Southern Steak and Beer Trail, followed by the Eastern Cholesterol Run, and the National Car Accidents and Other Things That Kill You Race! Big grin
                          Shelly Lake is nice, and the loop around the lake is 2 miles. I think Lynn Lake's loop is 2 miles too, but I've not been there. Lake Pine in Apex has a good 2 mile loop too. (Notice a theme? Wink ) Umstead has nice trails. There's a 2.52 mile loop that starts out behind the visitor's center off the Glenwood entrance that I enjoy sometimes. Don't worry about being too slow for the RRRC. You're faster than I am and I found people to run with there. There'll be _somebody_ about your speed, surely.

                          Roads were made for journeys...

                            - John
                            Hey John, I did my undergrad at UR also and took a couple physics classes with Prof Manly, but nothing beyond the intro courses. One of my running buddies was a physics major (class of 04) and is now doing grad school in Seatle. So you haven't raced in a while? I haven't done anything since a Turkey Day 10K last year, but should do a race soon. I just read the Jack Daniel's Running Program book and want to figure out what he thinks my training paces should be. Good luck with the training with diabetes. Do you have a time limit for most of your runs?
                              No time limit. For longer runs I place water mixed with fruit juice along the route so that I get enough carbs to keep going. I am finding I am building up to my old distances just fine. Just my pace is slower. (Could be from the 2 years off too.) Tomorrow it's time for an 8 miler and I am aiming for a half marathon in October out in Albany. It'll be my first race in probably 6 or 7 years. I have always liked the adventure of running alone and down here in Wyoming County (hour south of Rochester) the scenic routes are endless. Not on my course list yet are 2 old courses I use to run 5 years ago. One is a 14 miler and the other is an 18 miler that takes you through some of the nicest landscape around. My hope is to one day do those runs again-even with my diabetes. John

                              Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end. (RF)

                                Joel. Jack Daniels is good stuff. (Running reading material, that is.) John

                                Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end. (RF)