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    My neighbor hates me and wants me to die. I'm 44 years old, ran very little about 10-12 years ago, and just last month ran my first race ever with only about 4 months of "training". It was a Spartan Sprint and all I can say is, I finished, didn't think I would or that I could during the race but I finished. I didn't prepare as much as I should or on any kind of plan. So my neighbor has now convinced me to run the Bourbon Chase by telling me it's just (3) 5Ks in a 48 hour period, more or less... That sounded doable with a month of dedicated training. A little over 2 weeks out from the race and he's decided I should run as runner #3- 9 miles (rated very hard), 3.2 miles (easy), 2.6 miles (easy). What are the realistic chances I can get to 9 miles by the end of the month? I've been running 3 days a week, adding a few minutes to each run (thought I was training for 5Ks), and feel pretty confident I could do 4 miles today and plan to this afternoon. In light of this new request, I've decided to start adding 1/2 up to 1 mile onto each run hopefully getting to 7.5 miles by race day and then just sucking it up for the 9. I believe it's fairly flat. Thoughts? TIA

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      You know...a version of this question comes up a lot: police fitness test panic, military fitness test panic, some other qualifying standard. The replies are all over the board from specific to general advice.


      My opinion is that the challenge is running more, running faster and at the same time not overdoing it and getting hurt. It's better to show up under trained, unprepared for the distance, but fresh and uninjured. This is not an exam you want to cram for.

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        I'm going to assume you're not really a milktruck... I'm with ya, I think as long as I'm not physically injured to the point that I can't run, then miles are just miles. We ran 4 easy miles on Wednesday and if wasn't for the sprint at the end to try to get keep us under 12 min. (the last mile was all uphill so we slowed some) I don't know why I couldn't have nearly doubled that. My feet and ankles were starting to get achy, my legs felt decent and at that pace, my lungs still felt pretty strong as well. It sounds intimidating but then I listen to a David Goggins' short and realize I can't listen to my inner voice. If I'm not dead, I can move forward.

          I'm going to assume you're not really a milktruck... 


          I laughed.


          I did the Bourbon Chase years ago, and the hardest part was the lack of any real sleep for 24 hours...with 3 races thrown in. But it was a BLAST.




            I'm feeling pretty good about it so far. Just did my 3rd run within 24 hours. My race is 9 miles, 3.2, and 2.6

            We did 5 yesterday morning, 3.2 last night with headlamps through a cemetery, and 2.6 this morning. I'm kind of surprising myself. Running a lot more and a lot better than I ever thought I could.


            I know I'm going ro be spent at the end of it but the wife and I have tickets to see Jo Koy at Rupp that night after the race so I'll it's going to be an amazing weekend.