Fastest 5k to date :)! (Read 165 times)


    Nothing too impressive but I've gotten my 5k time from 34:24 to 31:55!


    My fastest 10k is 1:16:42.  Also my max distance as of now Smile


    My uncle wanted to me to run the half marathon with him in 5 weeks. I by no means think I can get to 13.1 miles in 5 weeks XD



      How long have you been at it?

      Know thyself.



        Not very long at all... maybe a month and a half total...  I started running for roughly 5 weeks... Then I had to stop for about a month or so due to bronchitis that just would not go away... had to go to the doctors 4 times... had it for like a month and a half. I only started running again a week ago when my lungs finally felt better.

          I'd put that half on the calendar for next year, see how it goes then (Or maybe find one for the spring if you're feeling aggressive).  take it easy, and keep having fun!

          Know thyself.


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            Hey that's awesome! Congrats! Smile

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              Pretty sweet.  You'll probably see another big improvement after 3months of consistent training . . . that and the weather will get cooler.

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