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    I get your point - But a down cycle each year is not a bad thing - To me the most logical time is when the weather is the worst and there are no races to run.


    I am not logical - So I usually run the least in Summer - Too many other things I like to do.


    Eddy - I think its a great time for easy miles and 1-2 easy to moderate workouts a week.  1 that touches LAT - Nothing crazy: 20 minutes at LAT or 5x1 mile is plenty.  The other one that touches faster speed - Could be striders or 1-2 minutes on / off.  Or as we in WI often have to do ... the dry pavement fartlek - If you happen to come accross an area of pavement without ice and snow ... Run fast across it until next patch of ice and snow.


    I also think its a nice time for group running


    +1  More easy miles is always better but  think about what you can maintain in your lifestyly. Also, don't completely eliminate all up tempo stuff - just less volume in winter for faster stuff.

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      Rest the body, rest the mind.  If you are eager to restart training it was probably long enough.


      Agreed--keeping in mind the difference between being eager to train and being eager to run (the first will probably take longer.) I always run well off of a break.

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           That's awesome.  My own personal studies have shown that the reverse is not as successful -- training for 1 month and taking the other 11 off hasn't produced much in the way of good results.


          Maybe you just need to adjust your definition of "good results" --- increase weighting factor of "leisure time available" and decrease weighting factor of "race speed results"

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