ANOTHER treadmill question - what kind of mat do you have under your treadmill? (Read 96 times)

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    I'm looking for some sort of rubber mat to put under my treadmill since it will go on hardwood floors.  What do you have?  (And where is your treadmill - i.e. first floor, basement, second floor - because I might have some follow up question!)  TIA!


    Right now, I'm thinking of buying this one, but if you can suggest something better, I'm open to suggestions:


    treadmill mat

    MTA:  Mat information:  http://www.leisurefitness.com/SuperMats-Commercial-Grade-Treadmill-Mat-P1301.aspx

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      No mat. It's on a concrete floor.

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        Mine is on a carpeted basement floor, so I don't worry about it.

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          Second floor, no mat as I plan to replace the carpet once my kids are old enough not to constantly stain it.

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            Never really thought of this... I wonder if a big squishy yoga mat might help? You're more worried about ruining the floor than levelness?


            Mine is on the first floor, my basement isn't big enough and if it were on the second floor, my house might fall down...


              Landice treadmill came with a mat very similar to the one shown. It sits on top of basement carpet.


              If I recall correctly, the mat may even have been a requirement of the warranty as it was claimed to significantly keep down dust/carpet fibers from getting dislodged from vibration and into the treadmill workings.

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                I have a mat that looks like the one you are considering.  My treadmill is on the first floor on vinyl plank flooring with a concrete foundation.  We don't have a basement.


                  Basement on concrete (eventually will be ceramic tiled).


                  Have a mat similar to the one in the original post. Not sure of make/brand, just picked it up at the store when I ordered the TM.

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                      I have hardwood floor, and I have a mat under the TM. Not sure what kind it is but it's not very thick/squishy. The one trouble I have with it is that even though my TM have small "wheels", moving it on the mat is really difficult. The TM is so heavy that instead of rolling it just scrunch up the mat. It is possible that a thick squishy mat may render the wheels completely useless.