My pace is really improving! (Read 962 times)


    Not that there's anything wrong with that. We take pretty kindly to the freaky types around here. In fact, I think our RA motto should be "the freakier, the better!"
    LOL I can see that on a shirt now....omg LOL Big grin
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      Must be something in New Zealand air. Wink Your progress is truly amazing and in such a short time. Glad you found your passion. If you keep at it I am sure we'll be hearing about you winning marathons. Good luck. Ewa
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        LOL I can see that on a shirt now....omg LOL Big grin
        runningahead.com > freaky = better Wink k

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          I want one of those t-shirts too! Maybe I'll have one printed up for October and parade it around at the Auckland Marathon! I have to say that despite my improvements I am still very nervous about the January race. The other day just before my 'Best run of my life' moment I had almost come to the decision to do the 7km instead of the 12km. Then I had the fab 9km run and I thought '12km is not that much further and you still have about 6 weeks to train'. One thing I do know is that if I complete the 12km I will be very, very proud of myself. Though at this point I can't foresee me achieving anything apart from 'finishing' at that distance. This weekend I have my first 10km + long run. I guess 10 km is pretty close to 12km and I am now including a lot more hill work in my training. There are however no hills in my immediate vicinity that are any where near as steep as the Waiheke ones but the elevations are over longer distances so my body is learning to put in a large amount of miles over changing gradients. Anyhow, I wanted to say thanks to all of you for your encouragement...and who is going to start up the 'Running Ahead' t-shirt printing company! Claire xxx
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            its amazing that you're pace improves so much even with the distance increase and with hills...you're definately got 'it'...keep up the good work. aloha, steve