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    I'm a little late in the game but I have a suggestion.  My daughter plays basketball for her high school and once each season her team puts on a free clinic at the rec department.  It's sort of like a half day basketball camp for the younger kids.  Anyway, all the girls on the team really enjoy doing this for the younger kids.  My daughter will talk about it for days afterwards every year.


    The reason I mention this is because although your heart is in the right place, you really need someone that can demonstrate some of the things you want to teach your players.  You should consider making contact with a local high school coach or other older age group team to see if you can get a player or two to come to at least one practice.  The younger kids eat this stuff up and are always eager to emulate the older kids.  If it was me, I would seek out a girls team over a boys team.  Generally speaking, the HS girls are more interested in this kind of thing than the boys are.

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      That is a great idea! My older daughter is helping, but she is not that experienced. Our HS requires kids volunteer a number of hours before graduation. I have a clinic with the HS coach, this weekend. I will talk to him about that.  The one thing I have going for me, other than the desire to  be involved, is that I am a basketball fan.


      Thanks, everyone.


        Have them watch film of the Wizards, you'll be fine.

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          My father in law was a great coach and i helped him coach both of my kids. Girls


          are easier to coach than boys. Girls will listen. Be positve and they will listen to you.


          At that age they should be playing on a lower basket.

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