Lufthansa kicks Ass! (Read 807 times)

Imminent Catastrophe

    ... My delta flight, however, was really nice. Big grin
    Yeah, Delta is the best. Wink In general, domestic and international is like night and day. Domestic coach is the pits. Int'l coach is better. Int'l business is way better than domestic first class. Int'l first class is...well, forget about it, you probably can't afford it (not just you AbbaSnail, I mean that nobody who is reading this can afford it). And it varies by airline and they are always changing. Singapore is usually one of the best. Check Conde Nast, or other travel sites for ratings.

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      Singapore is usually one of the best.  Cathay Pacific have usually been good in my experience for long haul. And speaking of which, I'm currently in Tokyo for work  (crap movies, and the video games didn't work, OK food) on Thursday for Christmas. With the return trip to Japan that will make a total of over 50 flying hours in 10 days! I'm going to be so whacked when I arrive.


        Whoa. Blast from the past including other me. And American still sucks.

          My daughter is on a Lufthansa flight back to the US as I type this, which makes it a pretty bizarre coincidence to have this zombie thread pop up today.

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