Comparison between plan and actual work done (Read 176 times)


    One great motivator for me is to see how I’m doing against what I planned to do. (What can I say? Small minds are easily amused.)  In the calendar view’s “summary” column, might it be possible to have a comparison of planned miles (as created in the training plan) and actual miles run?  Something similar could be devised for other types of workouts.  So the last column would show something like this:



                PLAN   DONE

    Run      50        52.3

    Core     3x         3x


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      I'd like to second this. For me, I want to see what weekly mileage my plan calls for this week without calling up the training plan editor.




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        That's one of the features I've been meaning to add to make the training plan feature complete.  I haven't done it yet mainly because I don't know how it should look.  I'll add it as soon as I figure it out.

          Hi Eric,


          Is it possible in the Workout view that we can opt for adding 2 columns that can reflect the training plan? 1 column for distance and 1 column for type of workout such as tempo, fartlek etc  (this will be the most basic type - subsequently you can add columns for time targets, type of activity (swim/run) etc).


          Alternatively in the calendar view for the training plan, where you have a strike through for a completed activity, can we add actual distance done ?


          Please help me with understanding if there is an easier way already existing for tracking performance against a training plan.




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            I can certainly add training plan related columns to the workouts list, although I'm not sure when I can get to it.  I can also add the mileage to the calendar view too, although I'm constrained by the lack of space.


            My original plan was to create a side by side view to compare planned and actual workouts.  I haven't done it because I thought the side by side could be ugly/busy looking.  Without a better view, I haven't done much work on it.


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