1st in District Cross Country Trials!!! (Read 520 times)



    hey guys,

    i had my district (port curtis) cross country trials today. I ran the 6k in the 16year age group, but we also ran with the 17s and opens.
    The track was a two lap 3k circuit around a golf course. The track wasnt too bad, but some parts were hard.
    I was feeling good going into the race and was hoping for a place. The start was good, i got out front early so as not to
    get caught behind the slower racers. After about 1k me and two others in the 17s and opens were leading. So i was coming first
    for the 16s at that point. This was pretty much the same all through the race. After the first lap i was at 11:57 and still feeling good.
    I started to feel fatigued in the second lap, but still pulled out a good time ending up with 24:14mins for the 6km.

    I was really happy with this as i won my age group (16's) and came second overall. Now i have to go away for the regional trials
    in two weeks. I am absolutly stoked and i cant wait!!!


    Old, Slow, Happy

      NICE RACE, BEANY!!!!


      It sounds like you ran it just right.


      WAY TO GO!!!

      One day at a time

        Congratulations!!  Great job.  I was trying to figure out why you're running XC right now, until I saw where you're from!


        Good luck at regionals!