LG Tone Bluetooth Headset (Read 44 times)


    Anyone using the LG Tone BT headset while running?

    Just picked it up and really like if for the gym.  Curious if anyone is running with it (can't run for a while due to an injury)

      I've been using mine since February 2012 (Just checked amazon to double check when I bought them, I paid $49.46 for them btw).




      They go close to 8 hours on a charge and recharge in just an hour or so.  I've had them in light rain, poured water on my head while wearing them during races and they still keep ticking.  Occasionally when they get too wet they will quit working at the time, but they have always worked once I let them dry off and recharge them.


      I generally just wear one ear bud while I'm running.  I just couldn't get used to a wire coming from my arm pocket to the headset.  I quit using an arm pocket and use a waist belt now and it probably wouldn't be as big of a deal now though although I still like the idea of not having a wire to deal with.


      When running really fast doing intervals or something they can bounce a little, but not too bad.  On long slow runs I've even answered the phone and talked although that's not something I do on a normal basis by any means.


      My HRM is bluetooth as well and I don't get any interference with running both at the same time.


      That's my 2 cents.  Nathan

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        I don't run with it, but I have used an LG HBS-700 for the last two years.  I use it while driving and when making long conference calls from my cell phone.  I also use it to listen to music.  I love it, but it is starting to drop its connection to the phone after about 30-45 minutes of talking.  I think it is time to buy a new one.


          My wife uses one, she likes it.  Uses it for conf calls at work too (she works from home).


          I can't run with it.  If I'm slooooowly jogging it's ok, but when I actually run (which is 99% of the time I'm running) it bounces around too much and pops out of my ears every minute.  I hate the thing and have one sitting in my desk drawer collecting dust.


          Has good sound though.

          HTFU?  Why not!

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            Thanks everyone, I appreciate the input!  Working very well on the bike and while lifting.

            Doctor just gave me clearance to start running again so i'm going to give them a try.  Fortunately, i'm still within my return policy just in case.


              Used on the treadmill today, walking was fine, but definitely bounced when I ran