Calendar Week Start Date (Read 41 times)


    I have my calendar set to start on Sunday. I just set up an account for my son, and his calendar starts on Mondays. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the starting day on his calendar...

    I'm out of ideas

      Under Options, choose Locale.  Under regional settings is a choice for First Day of the Week

      2019 Races:

            6/01/19 - IHM Nun Run 5K

            6/08/19 - Eagle Up Ultra 24-Hour

            6/29/19 - Loopy Bunny 6-Hour

            7/27/19 - Endless Summer 6-Hour

            8/17/19 - Lean Horse 30M

            9/21/19 - NC24


        Awesome. Thank you.