Achilles tendonitis or calf strain ? (Read 421 times)


    Read some posts about achilles tendonitis and am not sure if I actually have that or just a mild inner lower leg strain. Basically some pain/soreness and inflammation in my lower right leg between the achilles and the inner shinbone. Hurts more if I stretch my calves with a bent knee. To pinpoint the location, it seems to be the muscle on the inside lower part of my leg that I can feel working if I were to "scrunch" up a towel with my toes. (I recall feeling really sore like this a few years ago after running 5 or 6 miles on a golf course that was not flat at all.)


    Been doing the ice thing for about 2 days now along with Alleve, was considering switching to heat and taking 2 or 3 days off to try and get this to heal ASAP. I havent done any strectching or exercises for it yet.


    Any other reccomendations ?


      Not the best source I know, but sometimes searching on Google helps! Specifically I think it is the Flexor Digitorum Longus muscle. See link:


        Or soleus.


        How's it feel when you get up in the morning?  When you run?  After you've run?

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          Only been bothering me since about Friday - so 4 days. Ran 6 saturday and noticed it in beginning of run, went away. Was sore that night. I iced it and used heat Sunday and it felt a bit sore for first mile then OK. Nothing noticeable right after I ran, again later Sunday night it seemed inflamed, iced it 2 or 3 times before bed. This morning it was noticeable for sure - I wasnt planning on running and would have skipped. Iced a few times today along with Alleve.


          Was thinking of taking Tuesday off, then trying to run on Wednesday. Maybe try heat tomorrow night and some stretches before bed.


            Stuck with ice and heat at night, continued Alleve al wek and slower pace. Think it was just sore. felt fine by weekend runs.