Severe pelvic/pubic pain, need help! (Read 135 times)


    27 y.o. female runner, gets severe pain (rated a 10 out of 10) approximately 1.5 miles into her run. The pain is concentrated in the supra-pubic area (think front of pelvis), and is described as a stabbing pain. Pain is severe enough to bring her to her knees, but subsides with about 5-10 minutes of inactivity (squatting down with elbows between knees seems to help somewhat). Once the pain is gone, she can continue to run, with no further pain episodes for the duration of the run regardless of the distance.


    Interesting points: the pain seems to be related to high impact aerobic activity; unable to replicate the pain with anaerobic start/stop activity (like ultimate frisbee, where she is sprinting back and forth on a field), or when running on a treadmill or using an eliptical. Essentially, it only happens when running on a hard surface (happened once when in a race on the beach, but that was hard packed sand). The pain does not always happen...some runs she has no pain whatsoever, but others it happens in the exact same scenario every time.


    Visits to General Practice, GI, and OB/GYN have resulted in no leads. Lab tests on bloodwork all come back OK. The doctors are at a loss for what could be causing this.


    Any ideas, suggestions??


    Thank you!!

      See a physical therapist and/or a physician specializing in sports medicine.  Read this girl's story about similar symptoms related to a muscle that usually doesn't cause any trouble (pectineus):  http://bucknuggetsinyourface.blogspot.com/2010/10/plight-of-my-pectineus.html

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          I so want to click on anything that says "bucknuggetsinyourface".


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            It is a story worth reading, on a level very suitable for the average RunningAhead user.

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