Where do you find races? (Read 600 times)

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    I have been using this site: Running in the USA Runmichigan.com also has listings. But are there any other general sites that list races nation-wide? k

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      Thanks, great site! I also use: http://www.marathonguide.com/index.cfm http://www.competitiverunner.com/ http://www.usatf.org/ Cheers! Norm
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        Marathonguide. Are there races shorter than marathon?
          Not really. Alot of the marthons do include half marathons, however. I have run a half and a full so far and used it to pick my full. Thanks for the comments about the full, I had a solid idea of what I was in for. Cheers.
          If you go as far as you can see, you will then see enough to go even farther. - John Wooden
            Coolrunning and New England Runner. Are there races outside of New England? I hadn't noticed.

            Runners run.


              theschedule.com Smile
                I wait for Trent to bug me about a local race. Then I go sign up, when possible. Are there other methods?
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                  I go on the local running site if I am traveling to some town (like Phoenix or San Antonio) and look at their running schedule
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