Lifting Weights and Marathon Training (Read 2298 times)


    I did my legs regiment plus calf raises then proceeded to have one of the best 7+ mile runs in a LONG time.  It could have been the 65 degree, cloudless, perfect sunset evening, but it felt GREAT.  


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      FWIW from a chick, I whole-heartedly feel that strength training is an important part of running.  I do mostly trail running, so it's definitely beneficial for that.  You can read a really good article on the subject here: http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_1/a-new-approach-to-strengt.shtml.

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        I'm so glad to get this weight training feedback. I've just decided to go for another half marathon this fall, I think it will be my 6th. I haven't done one in about a year or more and the last one I did was cool and rainy and I finished at a much faster pace than I had been training at. I have been fearing my ability to beat my own best time and therefore haven't considered another.

        I have been weight training and don't want to completely give that up while starting the half mary training again.



          I was a competitive bodybuilder before someone turned me on to running.  It burns way more calories per hour than any other form of cardio.  Somehow the running took over and now I'm hooked. 


          I have continued to lift just not as heavy.  I do weights before work and run after.  No matter how hard I try, I can't give up lifting -- singlets look WAY better with buff arms!!!