Good Podcasts for runners? (Read 2542 times)


    Radiolab in general tells phenomenal science/discovery stories, but my favorite would have to be the episode titled "Cut and Run" which describes why Kenyans are so amazing at running. The story telling is phenomenal.


    Freakanomics is a cool look at society's more nuanced aspects such as handwriting, trust, tipping, football and how it pertains to a bigger picture. Their opening song is amazing too

      Freakonomics is one of my favorites!  Their intro song is very catchy.


      Running related... "Endurance Planet" is my favorite.  I search for / primarily listen to the ATC (Ask the Coaches) podcasts within Endurance Planet, and admire "Lucho" and his approach to training.  ATC has 228+ episodes now.  I think he understands the differences between hobby runners and professional athletes, and can speak to the audience in a way that permits me (whatever level I'm at) train within myself and not follow others with different skills, goals, etc without understanding my unique condition and specific limitations.  Lucho is a badass athlete with incredible results and respects those with limitations.  The host (Tawnee Prazak) also has strong connections to Maffetone and has him as a guest frequently.

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        Lindsey Hein's "I'll Have Another" can be really good. She gets some really good runners on, and makes them really relatable. Mostly female athletes (Shalane, Hall, Montano, Phoebe Wright), but I thought Bob Kennedy episode was really good in particular. Just kind of rambling conversation, but passes the time well.



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          The Moonlight Graham Show has some pretty good interviews.  They have gotten a couple track guys on their show and done a great job profiling their careers.  They had Erik Sowinski on about a month ago and he had a cool story of how he was a last minute invite to the Millrose Games a couple years ago. He literally got the call to come run in this meet only a couple days before it was supposed to take place and goes there and ends up setting the American record in the 600 meters and beats Duane Solomon and Nick Symmonds in the process. He goes from working at a shoe store (he wears the jersey of the shoe store he worked at during the race) to being on the cover of Track and Field magazine. Very cool story.

          Here is the link to that interview: https://www.moonlightgrahamshow.com/podcast/2016/12/26/episode-3-world-record-holder-erik-sowinski-tells-the-story-of-how-he-came-out-of-nowhere-to-shock-the-track-and-field-world

          This week they had Tyler Mulder on the show. He was an 800 meter runner along with Sowinski and gives the lowdown on running for the Oregon Track Club with guys like Nick Symmonds and Ashton Eaton. One of my favorite stories from this interview is how he has to share a room and a bed with a random Polish shot putter that he didn't know at a meet in Europe. It is a pretty funny story. He talks a lot about the process of getting sponsored, running overseas in the Diamond League, and the cult of Steve Prefontaine in Oregon.

          Here is the link to that interview:  https://www.moonlightgrahamshow.com/podcast/2017/2/13/episode-10-nike-runner-tyler-mulder-is-the-fastest-man-in-iowa


            I would highly recommend House of Run.




            It's what I usually listen to for my long runs and has gotten me through a lot of miles. It's two guys who talk about track and field and road racing, with occasional interviews. They had interesting recent interviews with Kyle Merber and Phoebe Wright, and in the past they've interviewed Ato Boldon, Malcolm Gladwell, and other interesting people. They are very consistent with a new episode every week (or daily during the US Trials).


            I mostly listen to it, however, because they are funny. It's a lot like sports talk radio for running with a lot of running jokes, voicemails from regular listeners, and emails.

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              NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour is my favorite.  Pretty much anything they discuss and love I have ended up loving.

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                NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour is my favorite.  Pretty much anything they discuss and love I have ended up loving.


                Big thumbs up to that one

                On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.

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                  No one here mentioned the best podcast of all time!? "We're Alive".  It not about runnng, but there is running in it....from Zombies!


                  Seriously though....incredible production.  Listen and you'll love it.

                  Thunder smash!