Swimming vs. Weight Training (Read 6466 times)

    Swimming won't take place of resistance training. Do some walking lunges (add dumbells when too easy or doing longer than 2min.), one leg squats (start with 3/4 squats), push ups, pull ups, planks, side planks etc post run 2-3 days per week and this will complement your running and improve your tone/look without bulking you up.

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      Swimming won't take place of resistance training.
      I guess like everything else, there is no shortcut for these things. Just have to do what it takes! Sad thanks
        Aybee, grab a snickers and head to the gym & do some pushps, pullups and dips as suggested. But do not join the 100 PU challenge. It is endless and you, as many others, will quickly lose interest and quit. Proto shamelessly promotes the site to make himself feel better. Clowning around
        I think Ted just wants to be the first to finish from this board so he discourages new people from joining and providing some more competition Tongue Come on join us... it's fun Evil grin

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