plugin for withings scale? (Read 3587 times)


    Any chance to get a progress update on the Withings integration? Smile

      I got the basic authentication working but can't get Withings to notify RA when there are new entries.  Their support forum is filled with messages from developers with similar problems.  I will continue to work on it.


        +1 for Withings scale support. I love RunningAhead, but often find myself drifting towards Endomondo because of the rich 3rd party support they have, including Withings. The rest of it is no competition for RA, obviously. 

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          I tried to get the Withings integration working but haven't had much success.  Their documentation is somewhat confusion but I managed to get access to users' accounts.  However, it is supposed to notify me when there's a new record but it never does.  I guess I'm doing something wrong.  I'll have to keep plugging away at it.


            Any update on the Withings integration? I really do like Runningahead but the lack of a mobile site and 3rd party support makes me look for alternatives now my subscription has expired...

              The Withings integration project has been on hold because I am unable to get it working.  The Withings documentation is poor and their support poorer.  Believe me, I would love to add support for it.  I've been revisiting the project about once a month but thus far, I haven't made any additional progress.

                That would be fantastic if it got sorted out at some point in the future. I recently got a Withings scale (love the thing) and would love to sync it up with RA.

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                  Hi to be honest I'm interested too as I'm in process to purchase a withings scale would love to have possibility  to upload here where I have all my story.

                  Quite sure isn't the right place but can someone tell me his experience with this Ws 30 or ws 50?

                  Tks for all