First Half Marathon- WOW (Read 559 times)

    I'm so pleased! My 17 yr old daughter ran her first half marathon today and smashed her goal of 2:30. She finished in 2:06:30 which was fantastic, but even more fantastic was how she did it.

    She doesn't see herself as much of a runner and hasn't ever "raced" before, but she looked great and just floated along - started slow and just kept getting faster and faster, passing people, powering up the hills, a great smooth style and getting faster all the way:

       0->5km: 34:09

      5->10km: 31:13

    10->15km: 28:52

    15>-20km: 26:58

    total: 2:06:30


    She still felt OK at the finish and said that she wanted to do this run every year. I've just got to convince her that its not to embarrassing to be seen running with an old man (other than when he paid your race entry)  and I may just have a running buddy.


    One daughter seems hooked into running - just a daughter, son, and wife to get going now.

    Running - cheaper than therapy

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      Well, dang!  What a soft goal and what an awesome time for a first HM!  I predict that she will be <2 on her next try!  Congrats to her--she did really well! Smile

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