Profile Picture Problem - disregard I think. (Read 337 times)

Shirtless wonder

    Hi Eric,


    It sounds strange but I can't seemed to change my picture on my profile.  I can delete it but when I go to add another picture,  the original shows on Profile Options.  However another [one I tried to add first time] shows on the link on the Profile options page.  But neither one will replace  no matter which picture I choose.  Seems like I am locked on these two pictures and can't update.  I even left website and closed internet but still no change. 


    Apparenly I can only remove my profile picture and not update it on Profile Options or the other one on my Profile page.


    My operating system is the archaic Windows XP.  And I have no error message for you.


    Just stuck.


    Well it was until I hit refresh button on my IE toolbar.  Then all the screens showed the right picture.  Very weird...maybe it is my system?





    Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


    Basically... run!

      Hey, thanks for posting this.  I was getting very frustrated by this problem, but after hitting refresh on the google chrome toolbar (had to do it on both the profile options and profile preview pages), I finally see the new picture!


        This is caused by your browser caching the old image.  The refresh got the browser to load the new image.