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    Yep, A little more info would help.


    What are your long training runs like. Are you taking walk breaks? I'd guess your probably better hydrated during your training runs. Is your MP pace faster than what you have been training at?


    I don't think anyone can say with absolute certainty what causes muscle cramps but the three most likely causes would be:


    1) Dehydration

    2) Electrolyte Depletion

    3) Poor Conditioning


    Or maybe throw in a 4th and say a combination of any and all three.

     Sorry, better infor would obviously help.  My martathon pace is faster than my long run pace and I believe that is the biggest issue becasue no matter how hard I try I cannot force myself to slow down during a race.  The same thing happened to me 2 years ago in the same race.  This time I try to hydrate really well for the week before.  I ate bananas and tried to make sure I had enough salt and potassium as well.  When I long run I do not take breaks, I go the entire distance running.  Now that I think about it maybe it really comes down to pace.  Race day I was well fueled as far as I can tell and I felt really great for about 13 miles, after that it went down hill and quick.


      OP: the short answer is pretty easy. Anyone who runs a marathon off of 20-30 mpw is rolling the dice. You may have a good day and be able to hold it together, but chances are better that you will fall apart.


      Your long runs that are successful were days that were randomly good (and also probably why you ended up going so far and so fast.) But you can't pick the day that you will run to your potential because you are just not adequately trained.


      The good news is that with adequate marathon training (50mpw is the cut-off in my book) you will likely crush it.

       That went through my mind as well.  I really felt great on my runs and thought that I could get there but I am not in as quite as good a shape as I should be and I also weigh about 13 pounds more than I did when I ran my first.  Guess my desire was bigger than my body could handle.  Better preparation would be a great start.  Thanks.