Fatal error (Read 95 times)


    I've been trying to upload a Garmin TCX file for the last few days and keep getting the following:


    Fatal Error: An unexpected error occurred while processing your request. If this problem persists, please contact me.


    I'm using Firefox 36.0.1, Windows 8.1 Pro, and I'm trying to upload a TCX file from a marathon, so it is a larger file (4:20 finish time). Any advice for getting it to work? Thanks!

    eric :)

      Hi redhounds,

      If the file is large, then that is most likely the problem.  The server does not allow files larger than 20 MB to be uploaded.  You can work around it by zipping it up first.  The server will detect that it is zipped and will handle it properly.


      eric Smile


        Thanks! I'll give that a try.