2014 Sub-18 5K (Read 544 times)

    Just checking in. Ran an unofficial 18:48 give or take a couple seconds on Saturday. Flat, fast course, perfect weather.

    Current Goals: Run and stuff

      17:55 (my watch), 17:56 official, 5/3/14


      Nice to see another sub 18. Good running.

        Just checking in. Ran an unofficial 18:48 give or take a couple seconds on Saturday. Flat, fast course, perfect weather.


        Nice progress.

        some call me Tim

          Nice running Trackrat!


          And yes, I'm checking in as well. I ran this a race this AM that had the course changed at the last minute. Maybe 50 ft of total climbing, out and back. 18:43. Around mile 2 it became clear I have not been doing enough LT work... just couldn't hold it. S'ok. After the marathon in 2 weeks there'll be plenty of time.


            Anyone have updates of their progress? Hasn't been a post in a while.

            2016 Goals:

            • 5k: sub-16:30
            • 10k: sub-36
            • Half: sub-76
            • Full: 2:45 in Boston

              It's prime time folks! We need to fill in that big gap between A & X.


              Because this place needs another goal thread...


              Age Been sub-18  Date  
              Aged Trackrat 56 Yes (July 2013)  5/3/14  Random Race  17:56  official
              AmoresPerros M Yes        
              alizuk   Yes (2011)        
              austin18 18 Yes        
              blargendarg 38 Yes (Sept 2013)        
              captainsaver 29 No        
              chriskrycho 26 No        
              ctingyu08 28 No        
              Diamond J 36 Oh yeah.        
              flatfooter 40 No        
              gitgantraining 31 No        
              Hipfan 40 No        
              huskerrunner 38 Yes (Oct 2012)        
              Josh Sutcliffe 38 Yes (June 2012)        
              jEfFgObLuE 43 'No'        
              JWhit 39 No        
              Kcoates1223 26 No        
              kencamet 52 Yes (Aug 2012)        
              kmark 30 No        
              Lagwagen 42 No        
              Mendeldave 37 No        
              montag 27 No        
              mnyce 32 No        
              Mpls Laker 41 No        
              NaderAlfie 36 No        
              PotemkinDogs 21 Kinda, but not really        
              Quint 45 No        
              Rick_Stone 43 No        
              roots 42 Yes (2011)        
              setantae 37 No        
              stadjak 41 No        
              Tweeeked 26 No        
              vercingetorix 33 No        
              wheatfeet 38 No        
              xhristopher 40 Yes (Mar 2011)  3/30/14  An Ras Mor (Cambridge, MA)  17:49.06  USATF NE GP Race = Fast Field


                I've been racing a bit the past few weeks. Currently, running mid 18 at best on a good day with a super fast course. Probably high 18 to low 19 on the other end.

                Current Goals: Run and stuff

                  Nice progress.


                  It's getting hot and running fast 5Ks is only going to get harder. Stay the course through the sucky summer runs folks. You can cash your chips in the Fall. There will be reward after all the slow summer slogs. Trust me.

                  some call me Tim

                    That was me last year. I came damn close during the summer, but it took the cooler temps of fall to seal the deal.


                    You'll get there, Quint.


                    I had a nice marathon result a few weeks back, and still slowly working at getting back to 100% before starting LT work. I've got a 5k coming up that's run by an old friend, but I'd be surprised if I've got sub 18 in there yet.

                      I haven't really run a honest 5K yet but my first will be July 26th on the track.  That might really be my only 5K of the summer but I might sneak one or two in during August/September.  When I ran my only sub18 it was in late August after racing probably 5 5K's (road and track) and getting as close as 18:05 but it took a great weather day on a flat, fast course to get it.  I might have to go back to that race this year but I'm putting a lot of marbles in that track 5,000 in July.

                      In the meantime, I'm racing a whole bunch of mile races this summer - probably 5 or 6 (with a mix of road and track thrown in), so my training will focus on that for now.  Hopefully that'll wake up the legs some.

                        I've been shut down for most of the spring with runner's knee, but I'm about a week or two away from picking the training back up. My primary goal is the BQ (3:04:59), but I'm fairly confident that 17:59 5K will fall out of the training on the way.

                        2017 Goals:

                        M - 2:50:00 ... HM - 1:21:00

                          Was getting close late April, blew up my hip, 6-7 weeks of no training, little running and i'm probably close to sub 19 shape again...alas.  I've got a 5k coming mid July but it's and evening, hilly race so sub 19 (let alone sub 18) would be a miracle if it's hot.  If I can stay healthly I fell this is realistic goal for the fall though.


                            I've got a 5000m on June 28th - I don't think I'm ready for sub-18 yet, but I might ask someone to pace me for it. If not I'll go for low-18 and if I'm feeling good pick it up with a couple laps to go.

                            2016 Goals:

                            • 5k: sub-16:30
                            • 10k: sub-36
                            • Half: sub-76
                            • Full: 2:45 in Boston

                              I kind of lost about 10 weeks of training due to ignoring an injury and have just about finished rebuilding what I consider a good base, but haven't done any hard training and threshold work for a looong time.


                              Ran 18:34 on a warm evening yesterday but there wasn't much left in there, should come back as I start incorporating some more hard days.  Six months to go, well done to the successful few!

                              Do what you want, just how you like. Nobody has to know.


                              Person of Interest

                                Can I put my name in the hat as I need some motivation to suffer through a 5k?


                                Age: 43

                                Sub 18:  Yes.  Last time was April 2014 (17:55)


                                That 17:55 was the only 5k I ran last year.  The only 5k this year was a last minute decision to run a local race in mid May and I stunk it up with an 18:29.  Hopefully by the Fall I'll have gotten some speed back.

                                "Only a few more laps to go and then the action will begin, unless this is the action, which it is."