RA does not upload correct workout start time (of day) (Read 270 times)

    GPS uploaded workouts do not have the correct time displayed.  A run started at 11:30 AM, once uploaded to RA, is displayed as starting at 1:30 PM.  I've verified that the Garmin 205 I'm using has the correct timezone selected.  I have the Garmin set for PST, yet RA converts these times to CST.

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      Sounds vaguely familiar....I recall the solution was to make certain your timezone was set correctly and then logout of RA and re-login to have RA pick up your computer's timezone setting again.



      For an unknown reason, RA detected your timezone as -6 when it should be -5.  Would you try logging out and then logging in again to force RA to redetect your time zone?


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        This was going on for me a couple of months ago and then corrected itself but I now have the problem again.  I will log off and back on and see what happens.

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