Cool Running import status (Dec 20) (Read 2106 times)

    Hi folks, Just want to give you a quick update. I processed some 130+ logs tonight. Of which about 1/4 have been imported by you. Thank you for helping me out. All logs that I've received by Tuesday are done. Right now, I have 84 logs left to be imported, which I'm pretty sure will be done by tomorrow night. Thank you for your patience. eric Smile MTA: After tomorrow, I won't be able to import any more logs until Wednesday of next week. It's Christmas. I need a break. You should be spending time with your families instead of worrying about your data. I'll take good care of you when all the holiday craziness is over. Happy holidays folks!

      xxx from Scotland Smile

        Eric, thank you, what a wonderful site. You are a true godsend. Thanks again.

          Thank you for doing a great job with this site. I find it very useful and inspiring. My data from the CoolRunningLog are nicely imported to the training log on this site. Greetings from a cold winterwonderland of Norway (-13 C; 8 F)
            I had saved my log from CR. I uploaded that file to runningahead and INSTANEOUSLY had a running log here. FANTASTIC...thanks so much!
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              More xxxx from France. Thank you, Eric. Have a great Christmas. Smile
                YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!! I can not get into coolrunning anymore Angry can I import my log from the new site?

                  I did it myself. That is saying; You must bee a genius. Thank You Thank You Thank You! Big grin
                    Eric, great job and thanks for all of your help!

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                      Eric, Thanks so much for doing all of this work. I'm not even going to look at the other logs. The personal attention that you have given me and the other folks is just amazing. I want to remind everyone that there is a "Donate" link on the home page. Eric has spent lots of time on this site and importing data for everyone, and it is completely free to us. You may want to consider contributing to help out on his expenses. Thanks again.
                        Eric, as a Cr noob,I want to say Thank You.We had a good thing going over there until they blew it up.Hopefully we will all behave and be an asset to your site.I had a problem with my log but I will try to work it out after the Holidays. Thanks Again!! Joe
                        Long May You Run

                          Eric, I was able to import my data myself, but I want to express my thanks again to you and others who have made this possible. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Big grin
                            Eric, With your help, I got this done. Thank you so much for your help with this. Nonrunners can never understand how important this information is to all of us. You've restored our faith in humanity! Just promise us you'll never sell to Active!!! (Seriously, though, I think you could earn some cash with some ads!) Cosmo


                              Eric: Does one have to report a log to be imported over from the CR site? Forgive me I'm a bit miscobobulated and have just arrived here from the CR/Active debacle. If it isn't too late, I would love to see my CR log imported. Thanks. Chris
                                Eric, Thanks for all your hard work! My running log has been transfered and all the data is intact.