RA Update (Mar 19) (Read 1316 times)

    Hi all,

    This is a minor update.  The major change is the complete support for Garmin Forerunner import with IE9.  I found a workaround to the Garmin Communicator not working properly in IE9.  You now should be able to upload your data again and enjoy all IE9 has to offer.  This update should fix all known problems with IE9.  If something is still not working right, please let me know.


    I updated the map thumbnails in the find maps page as well as the groups' Maps pages.  The thumbnails now show the actual map instead of just some generic map.


    Bug fixes:

    • fixed new exercise names not appearing in the edit weights page's exercise dropdown
    • the select course combo box in the edit workout wasn't fetching additional courses if you're only display courses in the x months

      Thanks Eric!

       201x goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...

      Get Lost :)

        PS - diggin the new favicon. Smile