Import from Garmin shows same activity name as from last run. (Read 32 times)

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    So lets say the name of the last workout I ran in RA that I added manually was called "Central Park 6".  Then three days go by (it's arbitrary, it could be the next workout or the next 100 workouts), and I decide to upload all my workouts from my Garmin app since then.  It appears that it does not import the name of the workout nor the shoes used.  How do I get this information without having to manually edit each imported entry as I have been doing for the last couple of years?

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      There is an option within the Garmin Connect importer app to control whether new workouts imported get the same info applied (course, workout type) as the last saved workout.


      Log > Tools > Connect integration > Preferences > Fill new workouts with info from the last saved workout


      This controls whether new workouts inherit the attributes of the last saved workout, or not.


      Shoes (equipment) recorded in Garmin Connect do not automatically import as there's no reasonable way to assign shoeX on Connnect = ShoeY on RA.

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