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    The simplest solution is self restraint.  If there is no audience, the trolls will go away.


    True, self restraint is the most effective. Still, if any of us had self-restraint, we would be able to resist overdoing that one final run before the big race (how many here can do that?)

    I classify responses to trolls the same as replying all to accidental mass emailings, saying "don't reply all!". You know they are going to keep coming. Even when you think they are done, another one pops up in your email in box. And you just stare at it, wondering if anyone is really lame enough to send another "don't reply to all!" message to all. You know that's what it says, but you can't resist clicking on it, just to see... The tension is palpable. You hit delete. But then you wonder? What if it's something else? It could be valuable? It could be a pearl. You open up the trash, and click on it.

    "Don't reply to all!"

      The best communities are built through values and habits, not through technologies and rules. RA is no exception.

      Prince of Fatness

        Well, I will admit to being one to feed the a fore mentioned troll from time to time and apologize.  I will stop.


        +1 to all that advocate exercising self restraint.  No special features are needed.


        Imminent Catastrophe

          This thread offends me.

          "Able to function despite imminent catastrophe"

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            I'd run across at one time an article on Steve Magness' site.  You-know-who chimes in and Magness tolerates him for a couple of posts, then simply ignores him after that.  This seems the best approach.



              The level of effort for the programmer is significantly higher than us just scrolling by.  I 'ha ha'd' to the 'coach' comment as he is one I do scroll on through.  There's some other dude too, I forget his name, and only because he targeted me with a rude btchy comment once. 


              This site would suck if it encouraged direct feedback to others, especially as the anonymity seems to encourage the odd lame comment from time to time already.


                 The simplest solution is self restraint.  If there is no audience, the trolls will go away.

                OK. I'll try that.



                  I'm a moderator on a couple of non-running related web forums, and both of them have temporarily instituted the Thumb Up/Down facility, and both times it was abused by a few vindictive individuals with an axe to grind.  Long story short, the voting thing doesn't really work as it just incites retaliation.

                  Late to the game, but I can see this happening very regularly. I get why some people might want an ignore feature, but don't think it's really necessary. I just skip over the posts of the people I'm tired of hearing.

                  No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.

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                    I wonder if the race advertisement spam will grow enough to be a problem -- I'd be happy for all race advertisements to be dead to me.


                    But I don't think that's a problem that has really arrived yet.

                    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                    Prince of Fatness

                      Careful, this dead to me thing can be taken too far.