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    Well, I didn't mean to be offensive.  Mind you, you do realize that we have provided "Longest Suggested Duration" which could put you a bit longer.  A training plan for 1500m is a bit different.  Basically long runs are almost the same (not quite) but the biggest difference is Out & Back.  For a shorter distance being the target race, you'll be doing O&B a bit shorter and a bit faster.  It is slightly event-specific.  The basis of 1500m plan was mainly based on high school and college runners so more of a development was in mind.  Lydiard did say you do the same conditioning phase regardless of the race distance.  It is true because the principles are the same regardless of the race distance.  However, there's a reason some people run a marathon and others 1500m.  Ray Puckett ended up running 3 marathons in a month (selection process).  Peter Snell ran one marathon but said "No more!" and he kept it to his words.  While both Snell and Puckett would do 22-mile on weekend, Peter might need some recovery run the next day while Puckett would go out and hammer a 10-miler.  So we simply incorporated it in the plan.  


    I think one of the biggest differences of our training program is the fact that it truly IS individualized.  It's nothing like "For conditioning, do this..."  Depending on the event, background (one question may or may not affect the result that much; it actually depends on how many of those total questions you answered "yes")...   And, of course, current fitness level that is reflected in your most recent race performance which would determine your training pace which would determine how many miles you'd be running per week.


    Oh, no offence taken at all.


    I didn't realize the O&B would be shorter.  I am finding that workout to be one of the easier ones. I think I had it in my mind it was a pound it hard tempo run, and I it's working out to be something easier than that. (I guess that will be the PCR later on...?)


    I do appreciate the plan. I have tons of info to build my own plan, but this is kinda helping me be more accountable.  I think it is helping to define what Lydiard wrote in his books at times. As you have said in other places, he didn't care a lot about terms, as long as whoever he was talking to understood what to run.  I think the running-wizard plan with the HIT book is a great combo.  Thanks!



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