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    So I have been looking at the two and the only difference I can see is that the 305 comes with the HRM and the 205 doesn't. If I am mistaken on this please feel free to edumcate me. Jeremy
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      Almost right....... The 305 also has the ability to use other devices like a foot pod if you are running inside on a treadmill and a can communicate with a cadence sensor if you are also into biking. I have the 205 and am perfectly happy with it....I did not need the HRM and always run outside... If you are on the fence...keep an eye on the prices, sometimes the 305 gets pretty close to the 205 price tag.
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          The 305 costs a touch more.

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            The 305 costs a touch more.
            Especially if you lose your $50 rebate check. Black eye Cry

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            Needs more cowbell!

              Yeah...I could have sworn I put the entire envelope with check in my purse. Then I ended up not getting to the bank when I wanted to...then the weather got bad, then the dids got sick...and now the check is nowhere to be found. I *hope* it's maybe in my car... (fingers-crossed)

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                I went with the 305 because after reading several reviews on Cnet.com It was a better upgrade. the 205 was having issues with losing satellite connections,( which may have been resolved) and do check prices! My husband bought mine as a gift off the internet, it came as a package deal and he was able to get the Garmin,HRM, and footpod for the price of the watch itself on the Garmin site...Garmin is a great company though..when you have problems they will help you solve them, I am impressed with them. good luck! and I hope this helps

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