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    Howdy folks! Quick survey: Please let me know which color (dark or light) and the size you need. MTA: These are technical shirts. 100% polyester. They will be around $20. If I can get them to be cheaper, I'll pass the savings on to you. Hopefully, the price will include postage and handling for everyone in the US (international users will pay a little bit more). As I said before, I want to keep the prices as low as possible, so long as I can break even. order tallies:
    men's navyn/a520960
    men's light bluen/a5151540
    women's navy049121n/a
    women's white53684n/a
    I got word from the printer that they are ready to print. They need to know the quantity and the sizes. Since we come in all shapes and sizes, I'm taking an informal survey of the shirt sizes I will need to order. The shirts will have a small "RunningAHEAD" logo on the upper left in the front. In the back right below the neck line will read: "Powered by" They should be small and unobtrusive, but big enough to read. Here's the size chart that you should consult. Here's a pic of the lady's tank top. You have a choice between the two tanks from the left: Here's a pic of the men's shirt. You can choose either light or dark blue: Thanks! orders:

      men's, medium, dark blue
        women, dark blue, large




          women's small dark blue Looks great!
            Men's, Dark Blue, Large

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              Men's large White, Red, light blue (prefer the lighter colors)

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                Men's medium, dark blue.

                Runners run



                  Here's the size chart that you should consult.
                  Hmmm...that women's chart is a little weird with size 6 falling in both med. and large. I also recall thinking that the tops looked a little snuggly cut through the bust in the women's tanks. While I normally wear a med. I think that for these I would want a large. So my "order" is a size large, navy. Smile k

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                    mens, dark blue, small
                      men's, light blue, small



                      I've got a fever...

                        men's light blue Large

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                        Good Bad & The Monkey

                          Men, light blue, medium (black, red and white also okay)

                          Think Whirled Peas

                            Men, dark blue, XL

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                              Men's, dark light blue, Large.
                                womens, dark blue, medium