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    My first measured 10k event ! time- 1:00:57 pace- 9:49 It was actually a non-competitive walking event: cross-country course with hills, country roads and trails. Ran it with a friend. We were the only runners, but the walkers were friendly and cheered us on. Started out very conservatively and slowly increased speed over a half-hour. I was surprised how easy it was. Even with hills, I bettered my mile training pace by nearly 3 minutes. Considering my lack of experience and age, I'm pretty satisfied with the results. Now I feel more than ready for the "real" 10k race at the end of May I've signed up for.
      You’ll find that your pace is always faster in a race environment. Now that you have the race bug, keep it. I find that nothing motivates me more than always having the next race on my calendar.
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        Way to go! Nice job!


          Good job!


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            Congratulations! My first 10k course sounds very similar to yours so, I am looking forward to running another one on a more "normal" course to see how I can do, as I'm sure you are as well. Keep up the good work!

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              Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! And yes, I now have the race bug! And so does my race partner. Although she's been running for years, this was her first "racing" experience. She normally runs alone, so she really enjoyed talking while we ran. When we reached the finish, the first thing she said was, "When's the next race?!" Here's our schedule: May: 10k race June: 10k race August: 10k September: half marathon Who knew that running could be so much fun?
                Great Job. I might run a 10 k in a few months and then maybe a half.

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