Salted caramel GU? (Read 217 times)


Skirt Runner

    It is delicious. The only GU I will train with. I will admit I love it so much I keep a few in my purse, great pick-me-up at work for the mid-day slump when I don't want to get more coffee.

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      Dangerous knowledge...I normally don't like Gu, but I LOVE caramel sauce...this could be good/bad.


      Gu can be used in a pinch as ice cream topping.


      Just sayin'.

        I just bought 4 of 'em.


        I put that $#!+ on everything.

          This is GU'd news.


            Thanks for everyone's input.   Just got a box of these.


            They're GREAT!   Good tasting--just the right consistency.  The salt went down well during my MP runs.  They are going to be my new go to GU come race day.


            Thanks again!

            Princess Cancer Pants


              Gu can be used in a pinch as ice cream topping.


              Just sayin'.


              This is what I'm afraid of.


              On a related topic, the most astounding edible thing ever might be the sea salt caramel Talenti's gelato.  It's really frozen custard, as it has egg yolks in it.  A-maz-ing for all you caramel lovers out there.

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