Elipitical Trainers: Any point? (Read 2837 times)


    Elliptical is good, mmmkay?

    Good cross-training, it's pretty close to the mechanics of running, without the impact, and it's still weight-bearing, which is a good thing (unless you have a stress fracture). I've used the elliptical to train when I couldn't run due to injury and it kept me fit enough to run goal races. If you have one with an adjustable ramp, it's even better, you can get a good hill workout if you want. I do this with the ramp and resistance set really high for a great hill/power workout without the pounding. 

    Bottom line: if you can't run, for whatever reason, elliptical is the next-best thing. And great cross-training to get a good workout without the impact on your legs.

    If you are a runner, it's much better than cycling. If you are a triathlete, then ride the bike. 


     Thanks,  Think I will try it then. I like to bike to though as I compete in gym challenges. Next time I aim to beat 1 girl at least. I am a guy just to remind u!


      Thanks for the tip.



        I'm not a fan of them mainly because after 10 minutes or so, I can't feel either of my feet...something about that motion makes them go completely numb and I hate it....Thinking it was my shoes, I took them off and tried it bare-socked, but still numbness. wierd.


          I've read that feet go numb on the elliptical because they are stationary. When you run your feet come off the ground. Unless you shuffle like me. Try shifting your feet on the pads. 

            personally I think they target your butt muscles (the whole lift and firm thing), where running and cycling don't.  However, I can't see my butt and am more focused on my running times, so I run and just cycle enough miles to get some quad strength.