Training Plan Generator (Read 68 times)

    Hey all,


    Wanted to share the results of a cool project we've been working on and would also love some input from the community. Below you will find a link for an automatic training plan generator website. There are 4 simple inputs that you put in after you register and based on the inputs - a 12 week training plan gets generated with mileage and workout recommendations based on the goal time, distance, and current mileage.


    This is free and there is no advertising spam emails, just really looking to give the running community a cool place to get a customizable trianing plan. All you need to do is register on the right hand side where it says nobody.




    Let me know your thoughts/questions. 




      This is really cool. Thank you for posting it. Any chance you’ll add a marathon plan generator to it? I tried it out using the half-marathon generator and thought the paces and workouts generated seemed reasonable and doable. I was also interested to see that it didn’t build mileage crazily, but that could just be that my base is enough for a half. Would be very interested to see a full. 
      Thanks again for posting.