Garmin Communicator Plugin wont install (Read 46 times)


    I've tried multiple times to install the Garmin Communicator plug-in. I have Windows 10. I keep getting messages it is not able to use MicrosoftEdge as the browser and to use Internet Explorer. I call up IE, go through the install process. last step happens and it automatically exits IE and then attempts to run the Garmin communicator in Microsoftedge and I'm back tot he beginning - "not compatible with Microsoft Edge - use IE". Any simple fixes?


      Try Garmin Express.

      Ok, I'm going to try this again.....

      If I want to breathe, I must move.

      If I must move, I choose to run.

      Wish me luck.



        The Garmin Communicator plugin has not been supported by Garmin for a few years.  Most browsers do not accept plugins anymore because of security concerns.  Garmin Express is the new way to upload.


          Not sure what I did, but plugged my watch in tonight and my latest runs were waiting for me in RunningAhead to save. I had GarminExpress installed last week, but runs never appeared. Hope this continues!