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    I have to apologize first if anyone who read my posts about a month ago went and bought this piece of shit based on my recommendation.  Exactly a week after I posted here the watch died.  Why did it die?  No idea at first so I called Motorola and they did the usual reboot/try again routine over the phone and then when that didnt work they had me send it in.  So I sent it in for repair and they so kindly returned it unrepaired citing water damage.  Water damage???  I ran a total of 118 miles over 11 workouts and I never once got this thing wet.  So then I get to thinking...maybe it was the sweat from my wrist?  Couldn't be...barely any sweat but apparently it was enough to short this device.


    So Motorola refuses to replace or repair it and I am out $250.  My advice is NOT to buy any motorola exercise product.  Clearly they are on the false advertising bandwagon regarding exercise since you can't even think about sweating near one.  

      Sorry for your bad experience, but thanks for sharing it.


      Those devices look pretty neat "on paper", so you may have just saved me some $$$



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        I was also thinking about the MotoACTV.  Sorry for your loss, but thanks for the update on Motorola customer service. Pales in comparison to Garmin. I finally got fed up with the corroded back of my one year old forerunner 610. I don't think I have particularly toxic sweat, but it was apparently enough to pit the metal back of the watch. Turns out this is bad because the slight motion during my runs means that the sand paper like back scrapes the skin off my wrist (youch!) Anyway, I called Garmin support, even though it is past the one year warranty. There were no arguments or excuses - they are sending me back a new/refurbished unit for free.

          Good for Garmin on that one.  I am bumming now because I have buyer fright over all the rest of the watches in the market.  I was a 405 guy for about a year but I struggled so much with that watch and its stupid sensitivity to everything.  I feel like its a giant money pit.  I spoke with this salesman at REI last night about the Suunto watch and he was like, if you have ANY problems just bring it back and we will refund you any time.  I may have to take him up on that.  The Suunto core gets mixed reviews but with REI backing me up maybe I have a chance.

            First off let me say what a great product this thing was.  it was giving me everything I was looking for.  Music, GPS, a watch that was kind of cool but a little big to wear.  I never had any excuses not to be recording my workout.  It was even very simple to put the music on the MP3 player. 


            I never was able to load their software but even with that issue I was able to put my songs on it and could even use it to take home files from work.  Alas the damn thing died while I was in CA and thus had to run the SF without a watch or music.  Major bummer and I have no idea where my sales slip is.  Augh $250 for a product so close.  I never wore this in the rain.  What a bummer!  I was hoping to call and complain.  How long has this thing been out.  I don't think it has been out for a year so it should be under warrenty.  Did they ask you for the receipt?


            On this page it says it is sweat proof and rain resistant. 



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              Mine was not even 2 weeks old and I had all of the receipts and everything...they did not care.  The water damage voided everything.  Such a beautiful scam...

                wanderlush - thanks for posting back on the MotoACTV.  I saw your rec on this watch and it almost convinced me to buy one but the general reviews on the 'net said it was iffy.  I went with a 205 which I still say the old tried-and-true 205/305 is the best GPS watch value out there.  I'm not saying it's the BEST or has the most features but for value, reliability, accuracy and for the money you spend I don't think it can be beaten yet - at least for people that use it only for running.